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OMEGA Speedmaster


This example of Speedmaster “Red & White Racing”, also called “Tintin” among collectors, is in absolute unworn condition, full set.


About this watch

This example of Speedmaster “Red & White Racing”, also called “Tintin” among collectors, is in absolute unworn condition, full set.

Watchfid Score

10 / 10

About the Model

This model was produced in an unnumbered series and sold from 2013 to around 2016.

It is distinguished by a Racing type checkerboard minutes scale in red and white to make the chronograph indication easier to read. The origin of this model is not in fact linked to motor racing, but rather to space exploration and the Moon – at least to some extent.

Its initial development during the 2000s was in tribute to a famous comic book character – Tintin, who was the first fictional man on the Moon in a story published in 1954. The dial of the first development prototype featured a red and white checkerboard minutes scale recalling the pattern of the Moon rocket as well as a picture of the rocket itself at 11 o’clock. The project was not approved at the time, and it was not until 2013 that a model inspired by the prototype was put on sale, but without reference to the comic book character, even though it is known by the character’s name among collectors.

The 2013 model retained the red and white check while its caseback is distinguished from the regular Speedmaster Moonwatch by red painted inscriptions.

About the Brand

Services Included

Watchfid Certification Report: Yes

The purpose of this document is to determine whether the constituent parts of the watch are conform to the model reference /period or not, and to value their condition and importance.

Watchfid Digital Certificate: Yes

All the watches are provided with a digital certificate (the Watchfid-ID), that will be uploaded on your protected and anonymous digital wallet.

Watchfid Appraisal Book: Yes

This document presents each watch in the most objective and detailed manner possible, thanks to a substantiated analysis, high-resolution photos designed to highlight all elements of the watch and an innovative rating system. Available in printed and digital versions.

Extract of Archives: Yes

On request and when available, an extract of the archives from the manufacturer can be obtained.


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