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Transparency, Traceability, Trust

We provide each watch with a secure and traceable digital representation.

Blockchain will undoubtedly be a major game-changer for the way the collectors’ watch market works. We offer you the possibility of benefiting from this new technology as from today.

Olivier Bouvet, Chief Operating Officer


The Watchfid Digital Certificate.

Keep your watch information safe, and accessible from any device.


Where does the watch come from? What is its history? What transformations or interventions has it undergone? Has it already featured in many transactions? Were the previous owners worthy of confidence?

All these fundamental questions can influence not only the watch’s financial value, but also the potential buyer’s psychology. There are three fundamental aspects to the queries all watch collectors or watch lovers have concerning the information traditionally provided to them:

  • transparency,
  • traceability,
  • trust.

Use of new technologies

Until now, there have been no real practical means to find reliable answers to these queries, either because of the natural loss of information over time, or of the temptation, at times, to avoid retracing the watch’s history, with its hitches, difficulties and uncertainties.

This situation was the norm before the emergence of Blockchain technology. But it is now possible to create and manage a “virtual identity” for your watch: totally secure, unalterable and anonymous, in a way that faithfully reflects the watch’s characteristics and history.

We made it possible with our Watchfid-ID, the digital certificate for your watches.


Virtual Identity

The Watchfid-ID digital certificate represents a unique virtual identity of your watch, a dematerialisation of its real identity, accessible only to you.


In addition to the information gathered at t0 (time 0 corresponds to the issuance of the digital certificate), all successive events like maintenance, modifications, change of ownership, loss or theft, are recorded in the History Section.


The Watchfid-ID digital certificate does not contain the identity of the successive owners, in order to safeguard their anonymity and fully protect their personal data.


The recorded data cannot be falsified and thereby provides total security to the successive owners of the watch who do not have to worry about the reliability of the information provided to them.

Easy use

Viewing information, recording data, transferring ownership and using the various services are simple operations that can be performed in all circumstances using a simple smartphone.


By privileging transparency of information, the growing use of digital certificates contributes to instilling a climate of confidence, and will create a virtuous effect in the collectors’ watch market.