The search of excellence

A quality-oriented ecosystem

We have developed a unique ecosystem fully devoted to watch lovers and collectors.

All components of this ecosystem (publication of watch books, preparation of condition reports, development of new technologies, and management of an online showroom of appraised watches) are complementary, with each one contributing added value to the others.

Serving collectors

We offer the possibility of benefiting from these synergies and this organisation through exclusive advisory services.

Our services explore the issues relating to collectors’ watches from an all-round standpoint. They cater both for proven collectors and less-experienced watch lovers. Our activities do not concern a specific audience or category of watches, but are primarily focused on quality and transparency.

On a challenging market

The collectors’ watch market is of undeniable interest, both intellectually and in terms of passion, and from a financial standpoint.

This said, it entails risks and obstacles that require proven knowledge to deal with it in a perfectly comfortable manner. WATCHFID’s role is precisely to guide and accompany watch lovers throughout their dealings in this passionate world.

How WATCHFID can help

Sell your watch

Do you want to sell a watch in the best conditions? WATCHFID offers you a unique, extremely quality-oriented online showroom and allows you to benefit from our credibility and visibility with an audience of attentive collectors.

Looking for a watch

We help you search for and purchase exclusive watches, in full confidentiality and according to rigorous procedures geared to optimising all components of the operation.

Appraisal books

We can produce appraisal reports – the FOR YOUR WATCH ONLY books – for each one of your watches, in a high-quality printed version and in electronic format.

Blockchain certificates

We issue digital passports – the WATCHFID-IDs – using Blockchain technology, in order to guarantee the traceability and security of the information concerning your watches.

Collection management

We assist you in defining and managing your collection of watches, whether from an investment standpoint or based on a more sentimental approach.


Our condition reports and digital certificates facilitate the procedures for insuring your collection of watches. We can advise you in this area.

Personalized books

We have developed a specific capability in producing and publishing watch reference books and can create customised books devoted to your private collection.

Other services

Our network of professionals is at your service to help you with certain issues or requirements linked to your watch collection (maintenance, photographic services, etc.).

Passion & exclusivity

The WATCHFID Club is an exclusive club that brings together selected members wishing to share not only their passion for collectors’ watches, but also the set of values promoted by WATCHFID.


We are convinced of the absolute need to share our values. Passion, transparency, enthusiasm, curiosity and humility are the key words guiding our activity.

We have created a specific environment for persons wishing to adhere to these values and to reap the benefit of unique moments, privileged experiences and exclusive opportunities.