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Flightmaster Only

“A true legend worth re-discovering”.

Omega Heritage

Flightmaster Only

Foreword by the International Brand Heritage Manager Omega

Part 1 – Introduction
Part 2 – A Legend’s Genesis and History
Part 3 – Main Components
Part 4 – Models

ISBN 978-2-940506-21-7 (French Edition)
ISBN 978-2-940506-20-0 (English Edition)

224 Pages • ca 450 ill. • Format: 25 x 30.7 cm.
Price: € 175.00

The name Flightmaster was first put forward by Omega in 1956-57 as a possible name for a new model.

But it was only in 1967-68 that the Flightmaster name was given to a production model: Omega’s first professional watch with functions intended for airline pilots, or as the advertising of the time put it, “for intercontinental travelers”. It went on sale in the fall of 1969 fitted with the manually wound caliber 910 (reference ST 145.013).
As watchmaking’s equivalent of the Swiss army knife, it was an ambitious undertaking for the brand, and became the most advanced professional watch of a particularly creative era when technical advances overcame new challenges.

The absolute tool watch.

A full year’s research work in the Omega archives together with the Museum team has provided amazing new insights into the development of the brands first instruments for professionals. The Flightmaster was conceived as a tool-watch that was way more than an aviation chronograph. It was an analog wrist instrument that could work sufficiently in every imaginable environment and condition, and it has been developed to become the most advanced professional watch of the industry.
The Flightmaster’s design characteristics as well as its major historical interest make it essential to any collection of Omega timepieces.

Russian space adventures.

Newly discovered material within the archives at the Omega Museum that includes official letters and paperwork related to Soviet missions sheds new light and offers a glimpse of how the watch was used and how it was even actually worn during the flights. The Flightmaster can be seen on the wrists of a substantial number of Soviet cosmonauts.
The Flightmaster had, and still has, all the ingredients that qualified it as the most perfect instrument- and tool-watch. Soviet cosmonauts thus knew perfectly well why they obtained and wore them.

A reference work.

The authors of the successful MOONWATCH ONLY book dedicated to the Omega Speedmaster provide a comprehensive account of the many variations and evolutions of the different Flightmaster models, based on their original methodology. They reveal for the first time an entirely unknown and remarkably rich story. FLIGHTMASTER ONLY is intended to serve as a reference work for all passionate enthusiasts and collectors of the Omega brand.
The book includes also an historical chapter written by the International Brand Heritage Manager Omega, and Ilias Giannopoulos, Journalist and Watch Expert, who describe the entire genesis of this legendary watch.