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Cecilia Mendoza

Cecilia Mendoza is an Italian-Argentinian artist based in Italy.

She started her artistic career in Buenos Aires in 2013. Her first individual exhibition, inspired by the Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges, was presented at the “Borges Cultural Center” in 2016. The project was shown at the Argentine Consulate in Barcelona, where it was sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Argentina, considered of cultural interest, and recommended by the Institute of Culture of Catalonia. After an initial period in Paris, where Cecilia studied Art at University Paris 8, she decided to settle in Italy.

From that period, Cecilia started focusing on vintage watches. It all began when she read the story of Paul Newman’s Rolex Daytona. She was so amazed by this story and the world around these vintage timepieces that she decided to read and research more about them. Finally, she started a series of paintings inspired by vintage watches

Her artworks are primarily hyper-realistic large-scale oil paintings on linen and colored wax pencils on paper. She loves to add different textures and color combinations to each artwork.

Cecilia’s artworks are in private collections all over the world and have been featured in many important media.

In 2022, she started a collaboration with Watchfid, allowing collectors to see her paintings and drawings in our Milan office. Her drawing of a Rolex Daytona was featured in our Rolex Cosmograph Daytona book.