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Sell your watch

Watchfid gives collectors not only opportunities to buy, but also the possibility of selling their own watches in the best conditions. This is very often a fundamental requirement for collectors in terms of managing their collections.

Watchfid consequently offers all watch owners several simple and effective solutions that respond to these expectations.

In each case, the sole priority is the collector’s interest.

What makes us different

A virtuous ecosystem

We offer unique features on the vintage-watch market, based on a strong expertise, an unquestionable reputation and innovative tools.

A transparent process

We are extremely cautious about the client experience, in terms of transparency, education, pricing, communication and payments.

An extended network of watch collectors

We can leverage on the visibility we have gained thanks to our reference works on the market.

Seller's options

Direct purchase

Watchfid offers a direct purchase price, in which case the seller obtains immediate payment.


Watchfid puts the watch up for sale in its permanent showroom, according to the piece’s specific characteristics and/or the owner’s expectations. The watch then benefits from the added value provided by the Watchfid ecosystem.


Customised solutions may be considered on a case-by-case basis when the seller wants to dispense with one of his watches in order to buy another model available at Watchfid.

How it works

1. Submit your watch

Once we receive your request, with photos and information of your watch, we will come back to you to discuss the options for selling it.

2. Delivery

We will arrange for your watch to be shipped to us, using a fully insured and secure courier.

3. Payment

If we purchase your watch, we’ll pay for it immediately after reception. In case of consignment, we’ll process your payment within two weeks once the watch has been sold.