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Frequently Asked Questions

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Watches - Purchase, Delivery and Warranty

  • For watches, we accept payments via wire transfer only.
  • In case you’re interested in buying a watch from our website, please contact us through the “Enquire” button on the watch sheet and we’ll provide you with all the mandatory information related to invoice, payment and shipping.
  • All the watches are provided with a digital certificate (the Watchfid-ID), that will be uploaded on the Buyer’s protected and anonymous digital wallet, and a Watchfid Certification Report, which purpose is to determine whether the constituent parts of the watch are conform to the model reference /period or not, and to value their condition and importance.
  • If a watch is provided with an appraisal report (the For Your Watch Only book), this book substitutes the Watchfid Certification Report. The availability of the For Your Watch Only book is indicated on the individual presentation page of the watch; please check the information. On request and when available, an extract of the archives from the manufacturer can be obtained.
  • Upon request, we may provide a potential buyer with a temporary access to all the information, documentation and pictures available for the watch. But neither the Watchfid Certification Report, the Watchfid-ID, nor the For Your Watch Only book will be sent before the purchase has been finalized and the payment received.
  • Items are sent after receipt of funds.
  • The delivery of our watches is of utmost importance. We offer the Buyers a 100% secure delivery wherever they are located. We personally take care of the packaging of the timepieces. We monitor every single aspect of the shipping process of the watch, until it safely arrives at the Buyer’s doorstep.
  • The shipping is insured 100% on the value of the watch, which corresponds to the value declared on the commercial invoice always provided with the watch.
  • No. All prices listed or communicated in response to a price inquiry do not include insurance and worldwide shipment, that will be quoted separately depending on the destination.
  • Please consult our Shipping Policy for more information.
  • Buyers are solely responsible for shipping charges, taxes, and duties, once goods arrive in their country.
  • Watchfid warrants that all watches are known to be working before shipment.
  • We offer a one-year warranty on the mechanical function of the watch, starting from the day of purchase.
  • Our warranty does not apply to accidental damage or mishandling of any watch and does not extend to the bracelet, case parts (including pushers, winding stem, crown and bezel), watch glass, dial and hands.
  • Buyers should be aware that none of the watches we sell is waterproof. Also some of the watches might indicate water resistance on the dial, but none of the watches we sell are tested or guaranteed for water resistance. We do not guarantee the waterproof nature of any watch, unless expressly made in writing. Therefore, our warranty will not cover any damage done to the case and/or movement by water or moisture entering the watch.

Watches - Consignment

  • Absolutely. Watchfid gives collectors not only opportunities to buy, but also the possibility of selling their own watches in the best conditions. This is very often a fundamental requirement for collectors in terms of managing their collections.
  • Watchfid consequently offers all watch owners several simple and effective solutions that respond to these expectations.

Because we are quite unique on the market:

  • We offer unique features on the vintage-watch market, based on a strong expertise, very high quality, and innovative tools.
  • Our process is very transparent, and we are extremely cautious about the client experience, in terms of transparency, education, pricing, communication and payments.
  • We have an extended network of watch collectors, and we can leverage on the visibility we have gained thanks to our reference works on the market.

You have 3 options:

  • Direct purchase: Watchfid offers a direct purchase price, in which case the seller obtains immediate payment.
  • Consignment: Watchfid puts the watch up for sale in its permanent showroom, according to the piece’s specific characteristics and/or the owner’s expectations. The watch then benefits from the added value provided by the Watchfid ecosystem.
  • Trade: customised solutions may be considered on a case-by-case basis when the seller wants to dispense with one of his watches in order to buy another model available at Watchfid.
  • First of all, you have to create an account, which is totally free. By doing this, you will also have the opportunity to become a Watchfid Explorer member.
  • Having registered, you will have access to a specific form where you will have to provide us with all the information related to your watch.
  • We will come back to you as soon as we receive form completed, in order to explore the best solutions for your watch.
  • If we purchase your watch, we’ll pay for it immediately after reception.
  • In case of consignment, we’ll process your payment within two weeks once the watch has been sold.
  • Once you have agreed on a solution, our operations team will arrange for the watch to be sent to us via insured shipping.
  • Certainly, we will sign a Consignment Agreement where you will find not only all the information related to your watch, but also the detailed sales conditions and the general terms of the operation.

The Watchfid Club

  • The Watchfid Club is a community of watch enthusiasts imagined by Watchfid and structured in 3 different categories of members: Explorer, which is totally free, Connoisseur, and Collector.
  • Each of these membership programs offers a specific series of benefits.
  • The Connoisseur and Collector programs are subject to the payment of a membership fee.
  • Because it is completely free.
  • Being an Explorer member of the Club will allow you to receive our newsletter, and to be updated on all the important news related to the Watchfid ecosystem.
  • You will also have the possibility to create your own wishlist, with all the watches, accessories and other watch related products: this wishlist will remain accessible on all your devices and at anytime.
  • Last but not least, you will be able to submit your watches for sale to our team through a specific form.

Blockchain Certificates - The Watchfid-IDs

  • You will receive a notification by e-mail for the registration of your new certificate in your digital wallet – which is a secured wallet registered on the Blockchain and accessible exclusively to its owner, with a username and a password.
  • If you have not already created a digital wallet, you will receive an e-mail inviting you to create one via an extremely simple, anonymous and secure procedure.
  • You will be invited to create an account the first time you buy a watch provided with a Watchfid-ID digital certificate.
  • This account will give you the access to your digital wallet, where you will be able to visualise all your digital certificates.
  • If you sell your watch, you must transmit the digital certificate to the new owner, who will see it appear in his virtual wallet (existing or to be created if the new owner does not have one).
  • In the event the new owner does not want to obtain a digital certificate (which would be entirely disadvantageous for him…), the system offers you an easy way to indicate it, in which case the digital certificate then returns to Watchfid which will keep it until the new owner asks for it.
  • The initial information recorded in the digital certificate and then in Blockchain is of fundamental importance, as it represents the starting point for the chain of traceability.
  • This explains why this information can only be generated and controlled by Watchfid, after appraisal of the watch.

Absolutely not. They are two complementary concepts, but different in nature.

  • The Watchfid Condition Report is an extremely rigorous and detailed appraisal report presented in a “traditional” form. It is transmitted to the watch owner in paper and electronic form.
  • The Watchfid-ID is not an expert report, it is a Blockchain-based digital certificate, containing information, pictures and documents and representing a virtual identity of a watch. This digital document, hold and accessible by the watch’s owner only, can be enriched with new events or information throughout the watch’s life and transmitted to new owners. It represents a major step for collectors faced with many possible situations: sale, service, part change, theft, fire,…
  • The Watchfid Condition Report is recorded in the Watchfid-ID (along with other documents relating to the watch).
  • All the logic suggests that the previous owner should have notified you of the existence of the certificate and then transferred it to you: it is in his interest to do so, as the digital certificate is a form of added value for the watch, on condition that the watch does not present a problem that ought ordinarily to have been recorded in the certificate (match between the virtual identity – the digital certificate – and the real identity – the watch).
  • Nevertheless, you can also ask Watchfid to check the existence of a digital certificate.
  • Yes. Watchfid-IDs are unique by definition: there can only be one digital certificate per watch.
  • The digital certificate assembles the watch’s features and history in a non-falsifiable way. It contains, data, documents and photos.
  • Based on this information, the conclusion is simple: there must be a perfect match between the watch being offered to you (the real identity) and that observable from the photos, descriptions and documents recorded in the certificate (the virtual identity).
  • If the two identities differ, this is because an unknown event has not been recorded in Blockchain and this should put you on alert.
  • By a simple procedure: you can provide us with this new information, which will then be checked by us before being definitively recorded in the certificate.
  • Absolutely. The system is multi device and extremely user-friendly: all the features are available on your computer, on your tablet or on your mobile phone.
  • Even if your watch is lost, stolen or destroyed, its virtual identity is still accessible anytime, from anywhere and from any device, and you can use it to immediately report the event to the persons concerned (insurance, police, networks).
  • If the watch is insured, the claim procedure will be simplified by the complete digitalisation of the process.