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watch books

Our process makes the difference.

The Reference Books on Watches

Our process makes the difference.

Designed to guide both connoisseurs and novices alike, our watch books have been an undeniable success since the first publication: MOONWATCH ONLY in 2014. Our readers have praised the original and rigorous methodology, derived from our scientific training, used to describe and analyze the models evolution over time. For this reason, the same approach has been applied not only to classical printed books, but also to electronic guides, free downloadable in-depth reviews, and advisory services.

Since a few years, transaction prices for vintage watches have increased significantly, and these exaggerations have resulted in strong speculation on spare parts too. Our main goals with our books and other projects are on one side to educate and create awareness among watch enthusiasts, and on the other side to provide collectors with the key elements they will need to conclude smart transactions.