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It is a common place to say that watches are a men’s passion. It is not all that true…
We are delighted to present four women artists who have decided to dedicate part of their work to the horological theme.
They are all incredibly talented, and we definitely love their drawings.

Julie Kraulis

Anna Halarewicz

Diana Evans

Constance Tournier


Julie Kraulis has never worn a watch, and yet she spends her days drawing them. This unique timepiece artist, based in Toronto, received a Bachelor of Design in Illustration at the Ontario College of Art & Design. She dipped into watches about three years ago, serendipitously. She had been looking for a new subject to study and as a design and detail enthusiast she thought watches would be an interesting world to explore. She has spent the last years creating giant sketches of watches using Staedtler Mars Lumograph pencils on Arches paper, with each piece taking up to 250 hours of work and using 50 pencils.

We fell in love with Julie’s artworks as soon as we saw them. She is probably the first artist who created this incredible horological collection of graphite drawings, with an incomparable talent.
We wrote a special article dedicated to her in November 2017 (read it here).


Anna Halarewicz graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Wroclaw on the drawing faculty. Fashion and its impact on human are significant elements of her works. She had several individual exhibitions, her works have been published in many fashion magazines including Twój Styl, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, InStyle, Viva!Moda, Elle, Newsweek, OOB Magazine.

Anna is a recognized and valued artist in the fashion industry. Many expositions have been devoted to her work, and she received a lot of awards and distinctions.
A few years ago, we noticed that she was also a Speedmaster enthusiast, and we interviewed her in September 2017 (read it here).


Diana Evans is a full time artist and illustrator and prolific blog manager living in Ontario, Canada. She has been into art her whole life, and after having worked only through word of mouth and her personal network, she started to develop her job thanks to the web revolution. She set up a website and a personal blog in order to promote her work. Her other passion is food (“I draw, I write, I cook, I eat” is the title of the blog), but ultimately she started a new series based on watches. She decided to create specific drawings in honor of the First Moonlanding 50th Anniversary.

Our first contact with Diana was on social media, and more specifically on Instagram, where her recent Speedmaster illustrations have had a huge success among watch collectors.


Constance Tournier is a 20 years old French student in Layout Design at the Ecole Boulle in Paris. Passionate about design, architecture and art, she started to draw. Indeed, she has been practicing it for a long time, convinced that it was basic knowledge. Her watch drawings are the result of a common passion with his friend Augustin Reyé, who is a true watch enthusiast. It all started with a specific request from Augustin about his favorite watch: the Omega Speedmaster…

We met Constance for the first time in Paris, during a watch collectors meeting.
We immediately appreciated her work and her kindness.

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