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ST 105.012-66 CB

A particularity of the speedmaster sub-reference 105.012-66 is that there were two case manufacturers: huguenin frères (hf) and la centrale boites (cb).

Cases made by La Centrale Boites are slightly different, and Speedmaster models equipped with such cases are called 105.012-66 CB.

In addition to the conventional shape with twisted lugs, there is a special Speedmaster caseband in which the tops of the lugs have a ledge along part of their length followed by a small step. We have only seen this type of caseband on the sub-references 105.012-66 made by La Centrale Boites (hallmarked CB on the caseback).

It is likely that this manufacturer was commissioned ad-hoc in 1966 to make up a probable shortfall in the production of Huguenin Frères.

JAT_2612-1 JAT_2620

You can see on this comparator the difference between
the standard twisted lugs (left) and the twisted flat lugs of the CB models (right).

Please note that some of the 105.012-66 cases of La Centrale Boites have had this particularity removed. It is likely that the ledges were considered unattractive so that they were filed away in one or several polishing operations.

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  1. I am the first owner of a 105 012 66 CB ( Flat Lugs )Omega Speedmaster professional , both in Brussel in 1968.
    The serial nr inside has a reference 240 66 xxx who is normaly a reference of a 145 012 production year 1968.
    How is this possible since their was no CB case used anymore in 1968 ( even maby in 1967 )

      1. 240 66 861 is my serial nr and in the CB Case with Flat Lugs is the inscription 105 012 66.

    1. Dear Raphael,
      As often explained, the date inside the caseback correspond to the production date of the case, then it is not uncommon to find such models delivered 1-2 years later. We have not recorded any 105.012-66 CB in the range, but this is not an exact science and this is interesting to have such a record.

    1. Hello,
      i bought few years ago a 105.012-66CB from Gaetan (Brussel Vintage Watches) and it’s apear that the serial is close than the Raphael one.
      2406697X for information.
      Have a great day 🙂

  2. HI..I have a omega 105 012 66 cb case with serial number 26548145..Is it regolar ar do you think is a late movement added to this watch? All the best

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