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In any case, there is – besides our Speedy Tuesday articles – plenty of information out there both on-line and off-line. For the off-line part, I would like to give you some pointers on Speedmaster books that are available and worth having a look at. Some books come expensive, but in the end, if they can prevent you from making (even more) expensive mistakes, it is all worth it in my opinion. A correct bezel, correct set of hands etc. to replace can be much more expensive than the most expensive book on the subject. MOONWATCH ONLY. This book, written by Rossier and Marquié, is the one reference book to have concerning the Omega Speedmaster (Professional). [...] Of all Speedmaster books, this is the best purchase concerning Moonwatch models.
One can safely say that the Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch is a timepiece that needs no introduction to any watch enthusiast on this planet. Omega has been dedicating tremendous efforts to making the most out of what may be the ultimate (well-deserved) watch-marketing jackpot of the 20th century: the Speedmaster’s use in NASA’s manned space missions – including the first landing on the moon. And yet, while everyone knows what the Moonwatch is, only a fraction of the fans are truly familiar with the ins and outs of this now 50-year saga. The Ultimate Omega Speedmaster Guide book by Grégoire Rossier and Anthony Marquié takes on the gargantuan task of explaining the history of this iconic timepiece, as well as serving as a reference guide on what likely is every single detail of every single Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch to have ever existed between 1957 and 2012.
Moonwatch Only : le livre spécialisé Omega Speedmaster... Collectionneurs oblige ! S'il y a un livre que chaque collectionneur se doit de posséder dans sa collection, c'est le nouvel ouvrage qui vient de sortir chez Watchprint intitulé Moonwatch Only. Tout savoir sur ce modèle mythique de la marque Omega et, pourquoi pas, se fabriquer une petite collection de cette montre encore abordable et qui ne fait que monter en cote... INDISPENSABLE.
Anthony Marquié and Grégoire Rossier are two enthusiastic connoisseurs of the Speedmaster universe. French-born Marquié, a trained aeronautical engineer, and Rossier, a Swiss biologist specializing in bioinformatics, have taken their scientific minds fully into a new sphere, immersing themselves into the world of vintage and modern Speedmasters. This was not a stretch as Marquié has long collected both modern and vintage watches and Rossier became a watch enthusiast at the age of 13 when he inherited his first Omega Seamaster. The duo developed a systematic database of thousands of timepieces referencing both their observations as well as market trends.
After years of research and observation, the authors present a complete panorama of the Moonwatch in a systematic work that is both technical and attractive, making it the inescapable reference book for this legendary watch. The authors. Although they are not from a watchmaking background, their commitment and research have enabled them to build an extensive store of knowledge in this sector. Their independent approach has brought fresh insight on the subject, devoid of any conflict of interest and based on a rigorous, innovative methodology.
I think that after Rolex, Omega is the most documented brand out there. Especially in print. Especially with regards to the Speedmaster model, there are already some titles out there that cover this watch in great depth. Not only did Omega publish a specific book on this model by themselves (“The Moon Watch”) over a decade ago, there were also some interesting titles published by others. One of the most in-depth titles so far were the “A Time Capsule” book by Kesaharu Imai and the “Master of Omega” by Alberto Isnardi. Recently, authors Grégoire Rossier and Anthony Marquié published a new book on the topic. It is called Moonwatch Only and does just that. Covering the Moonwatch in all of its variations. It is being published by WatchPrint and is available in English, French and Italian. 
Several years in the making, this new book becomes the indisputable reference for all Omega Speedmaster models. Although their names may not be familiar as writers of horological reference works, Grégoire Rossier and Anthony Marquié have invested several years in the production of this consummate guide to one of the few genuine watch icons.


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