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For Speedmaster fans there is a bible, this bible goes by the name of Moonwatch Only. Authors Rossier and Marquié did a helluvajob and I feel it is the best book out there on the topic. It can (and will) be used as a reference guide but you can also find a couple of interesting background stories in there. This book can be purchased from a number of sources, including via the Watchprint website. An in-depth review on this book can be found here. There is also a Moonwatch Only iBooks version available for €30, which is more like a useful go-to e-book.
Moonwatch Only - 60 Years of Omega Speedmaster Book Review. If like me you’re a fan of Omega watches you’ll no doubt know about the significant 60th year anniversaries for three icon Omega professional watches: Speedmaster, Seamaster and Railmaster. Omega itself this year released the “trilogy” set of three watches to mark this milestone in horological history not only for the brand but for the watch industry at large. Of most significance is the Omega Speedmaster itself, being the “Moonwatch” that was approved by NASA. This commemorative book seeks to chronicle and document this iconic watch from its first reference, the NASA flights, all the way to present day with the latest releases such as the CK2998.
This E-Guide Will Turn Anyone Into an Omega Speedmaster Expert. There’s little doubt the Omega Speedmaster is an iconic watch, not just for its role in the moon landing but for its seeming resistance to change — the Speedmaster Professional today looks almost exactly as it did decades ago. Thing is, there have been numerous special editions, spin-offs and re-tweaks of the classic Speedmaster design over the years, making it a tricky task to fully master the watch’s various iterations and references. Thankfully for would-be Speedmaster historians and collectors, there’s a new e-guide from the folks who literally wrote the book on the Omega Speedmaster that documents every minuscule change made to the iconic watch.
‘eMoonwatch Only’, l’enciclopedia dell’Omega Speedmaster ora anche su smartphone e tablet! Ci sono libri che per noi appassionati non possono assolutamente mancare dalla nostra personale biblioteca dell’orologeria, uno tra questi è assolutamente The Moonwatch Only: The Ultimate Omega Speedmaster Guide by Grégoire Rossier and Anthony Marquié.  Vera e propria enciclopedia dell’iconico segnatempo di casa Omega lo Speedmaster ‘Moonwatch’ ...
Everything you ever wanted to know about the Omega Speedmaster, and more, now on your cellphone and tablet. The scholarship on vintage Omega Speedmasters has reached an impressive point, but its depth and complexity came with a not-unexpected challenge: knowing by heart all the key distinctive features of the various references becomes an almost impossible to a normally constituted human brain. Hence, the need for something as extensive as the very thorough book, Moonwatch Only – its authors go as far as cataloging the different shapes of the clutch bridge from the caliber 321 through its entire production. This book is definitely the encyclopedia on everything Speedmaster ...
Three years ago, two men decided to launch a book focused on an iconic watch, with an unprecedented level of information. Their name: Grégoire Rossier and Anthony Marquié. The watch in question: The Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch. The book: Moonwatch Only. This sort of encyclopedia quickly became the ultimate reference guide for Speedmaster lovers. All models explored, all components dissected, multiple historical references… A true bible of the Moonwatch. Today, the Speedmaster Guide comes back in an electronic version named e-Moonwatch Only (available on iBooks), and with a new tool that will make collectors’ life easier.
Quickly after the introduction of the new Moonwatch Only book, the authors showed us a little sneak preview of what was coming up. A mobile version of their book, for traveling collectors: Moonwatch Only – The Speedmaster Identification Guide iBook. It doesn’t include everything from the book, but it is a perfect method to have your crucial Speedmaster information at hand when traveling or visiting a watch trade show for example.
This competition is open to all. All you need to do is answer one question correctly... and hope that luck is on your side. All entrants who have selected the correct answer will be entered into the draw to choose the winner of the Moonwatch Only - 60 years of Omega Speedmaster book offered by Watchprint. Today, specialist watch book publisher Watchprint offers the Moonwatch Only - 60 years of Omega Speedmaster book.
Dans ce vaste monde horloger fait d’icônes, l’Omega Speedmaster occupe une place à part depuis sa sélection par la NASA en 1965 comme LA montre de tous les astronautes américains pour les vols habités. The rest is History. Pour connaître ce monde de références, d’histoires et de détails qui font toute la différence, il n’y a pas de miracle : des années de passion et d’expérience, à rechercher, à se renseigner, à faire des erreurs aussi. Pour ceux qui souhaitent prendre un raccourci, ou plutôt profiter de l’expérience des autres, il existe un ouvrage de référence. Cet ouvrage s’intitule Moonwatch Only, tout simplement. Nous avons rencontré les auteurs, Anthony Marquié et Grégoire Rossier avec qui nous partageons bien évidemment la passion de la Moonwatch, mais aussi bien d’autres choses…
Almost a month ago, I told you about the upcoming Moonwatch Only 2nd edition (60 years of Omega Speedmaster). During the annual trade show in Basel, I received a signed copy of this 2nd edition of what I quoted as ‘this book sets a new standard’ in 2014. Let’s have a look at this Moonwatch Only 2nd edition book. That said, I can keep this review short and just say that the best book just got better. However, that wouldn’t do justice to the book and doesn’t answer the question why you should upgrade from the first edition.
We are proud to show you some previews of the upcoming Moonwatch Only – 60 Years of Omega Speedmaster edition. It is the new and updated version of the Moonwatch Only book that was introduced in 2014. The book that should be the standard for all books on watches just got better (and more complete). Moonwatch Only is one of, or perhaps it is, the best book about watches available. Not only because it goes into every tiny detail, but also because it has some clever diagrams and charts on how to detect the correctness of a certain watch. In this case, Speedmasters. We reviewed the Moonwatch Only release from 2014 in detail in this article introduction evening of the book and we organized an in Amsterdam together with the Tourbillon Boutique.
Moonwatch Only — one of the best watch books extant about one of the most iconic watches ever.  We’ve seen copies on eBay sell for upwards of $500. Here’s a brief review of this superb collector’s guide. This book is a watch collector’s dream come true. Too many watch books are short on information and long on pretty pictures. Or, they go 180 the other way — chock full of a dense, mind-numbing amount of information that will put you to sleep and bereft of any good visuals. Not this book. It strikes the perfect balance.


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