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fĭdes, ĕi, f. [latin], trust in a person or thing, faith, confidence, reliance.

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This specific approach makes the WATCHFID offer absolutely unique on the market.

WATCHFID Expert Report

We want the WATCHFID Expert Report to be the most transparent and comprehensive report available for a vintage watch.

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Our mission is to guide you through your passion

Purchasing a collectors’ watch is generally not an easy exercise. The diversity of pieces on offer and price inflation demand a certain degree of insight.

We make it our priority to serve you in this task.

WATCHFID Organisation

A new approach to watch collecting.
Discover our organisation, our concept and our solutions.

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We provide each watch with a secure and traceable digital representation

The WATCHFID-ID represents a virtually unfalsifiable, enduring and updateable identity of the watch.

It ensures perfect traceability for a new approach to the collectors’ watch market.


Designed to guide both connoisseurs and novices alike, the “ONLY” books have been an undeniable success since their first publication.

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OMEGA Speedmaster
105.003-64 “Tropical”

NIVADA Chronograph
Aviator Sea Diver 105 / 8987

OMEGA Flightmaster
ST 145.013 / 145.026

OMEGA Speedmaster
ST 105.003-63 “Decimal”

OMEGA Speedmaster
105.002-62 “Special Dial”

OMEGA Speedmaster