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All our services are available in English, French and Italian.

General Inquiries

Have a question, or general inquiry?
Please contact us using the “Contact” button.

Watches for Sale

You can contact us for all general information concerning the watches for sale. You can also fill in the available form directly from the presentation page of the watch that interests you.


All the watches are provided with a digital certificate (the WATCHFID-ID), that will be uploaded on your protected and anonymous digital wallet, and a WATCHFID Certification Report, which purpose is to determine whether the constituent parts of the watch are conform to the model reference /period or not, and to value their condition and importance.

If a watch is provided with an appraisal report (the FOR YOUR WATCH ONLY book), it is indicated on its individual presentation page; please check the information. On request and when available, an extract of the archives from the manufacturer can be obtained.

Please note that upon request, we will provide you with a temporary access to all the information, documentation and pictures available for the watch. But neither the WATCHFID Certification Report, the WATCHFID-ID, nor the FOR YOUR WATCH ONLY book will be sent before the purchase has been finalized and the payment received.


The delivery of our watches is of utmost importance. We offer you a 100% secure delivery wherever you are located. We personally take care of the packaging of the timepieces, in specialized protective boxes. We monitor every single aspect of the shipping process of the watch, until it safely arrives at your doorstep.
The shipping is insured 100% on the value of the watch.
Buyers are solely responsible for shipping charges, taxes, and duties, once goods arrive in their country.
All prices listed or communicated in response to a price inquiry do not include insurance and worldwide shipment, that will be quoted separately depending on the destination.


We accept payments via wire transfer only.
Items are sent fully insured after receipt of funds.


WATCHFID warrants that all watches are known to be working before shipment.
Each watch is guaranteed by a 1-year mechanical warranty that we believe to be the most comprehensive in the industry.
As a service to prospective buyers, we may provide a specific revision service, on request.
WATCHFID does not warrant that watches in water-resistant cases are currently water-resistant.

Sell your Watch

Do you want to sell your watch in the best conditions? We offer you the possibility of selling it as part of the exclusive WATCHFID collection.

For this purpose, it is vital for the watch to undergo an appraisal process consistent with our charter of quality, thus implying the following procedure:

  1. You need to send us a set of photos and information relating to your watch, so we can perform a first coherency check.
  2. After this first phase, we will contact you to present our first observations and discuss the conditions of sale, the organisation of the photographic service, and the opportunity of getting a FOR YOUR WATCH ONLY book.
  3. We will issue a digital certificate (WATCHFID-ID) and a WATCHFID Certification Report, which are mandatory.
  4. Your watch will then be presented on our website.

You can send us the photos and information relating to your watch by clicking on the “SELL YOUR WATCH” button.

If you are a professional dealer, please contact us to discuss tailor-made solutions.

You will have to set up a user account and a password for your first request; this account may then be used for all your subsequent requests and for obtaining WATCHFID appraisal books.

Appraisal Books

To find out more about the process of preparing these reports, please see the “WATCHFID APPRAISAL BOOK” page.
The operational procedure is similar to that for the consignment sale process, but your watch will not be presented in our online showroom of watches for sale.
You can send us the photos and information relating to your watch by clicking on the “SUBMIT YOUR WATCH” button. After a first verification phase on our part, you can order your appraisal report.

You will have to set up a user account and a password for your first request; this account may then be used for all your subsequent requests and for selling your watches.


Blockchain will undoubtedly be a major game-changer for the way the collectors’ watch market works. We offer you the possibility of benefiting from this technology as from today and of contacting us for further information. We are available to help you better understand the issues with Blockchain and to issue digital certificates for your watches.

The recording procedure for our digital certificates differs according to the requester’s situation:

  • If you are an individual, you need to contact us for submitting your watch.
  • If you are a professional, you need to be approved by WATCHFID in order to access our online recording form. All recorded watches are subject to a conformity analysis before their certificates are issued.

Advisory Services

Whatever your requirements, we invite you to discuss them with us. In particular, and apart from the other services presented on this page, we can help you to:

  • search for a specific watch,
  • define your objectives and manage your collection,
  • deal with insurance issues,
  • create customised books on your collection.

This list is not exhaustive and we remain at your disposal for all further information.