8.6 / 10

Key features

  • Extremely rare model

  • Published in the Moonwatch Only book

  • Stainless steel bracelet

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About this watch

The Omega Speedmaster, born in 1957, is one of the most iconic wristwatches ever produced. Since 1965, it has been the choice of space programs for over half a century and has been associated with some of mankind’s greatest space adventures, earning it the name The Moonwatch.

Naturally, beyond its professional use for more than sixty years, the Speedmaster, with its incredible history and its timeless design, has appealed to a much wider public throughout the world.

The reference ST 145.012 is of major historical importance as it one the few Speedmaster references worn by astronauts on the moon. The present watch is an extremely rare version, characterised by its orange chronograph seconds hand. Collectors gave it the name “Ultraman” because this hitherto unknown model was first revealed close-up in an episode of the Japanese science-fiction series The Return of Ultraman in 1971. Another feature of this Ultraman is the satin finish of the dial. The Ultraman was produced in small volume, from approximatively May to August 1968, within a block of movement with serial number between and is in good condition and its parts are period conform, deserving a Watch Score of 8.6.

It gets an Extra Score of + 1.5 for its illustration in Moonwatch Only and its global coherence.

Our WATCHFID Rating is 10.1.

Condition Report

This watch is provided with an exclusive 32-page book: the WATCHFID Condition Report.

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