7.8 / 10

Key features

  • Exceptional Racing Pre-Professional dial

  • Excellent condition

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About this watch

There are 2 generations of Racing Speedmasters, (the models of 1st generation, with black dials, are fitted with the 321 caliber, and the 2nd generation watches, with grey dials, are equipped with the 861) for a total of 3 versions. All of them are characterized by a dial with a special minutes scale, bi-color indexes on two levels and a specific hands color configuration for the chronograph functions. These features enhance the legibility of the chronograph, which is helpful in racing competition situations, hence its nickname Racing.

The 1st generation has been produced in 1967-1968. The dial minute scale is white and the indexes are half red and half white. The chronograph hands are white, whereas the hands for the time of day are red. However, there are two different versions:

  • Red Racing Pre-Professional: these models do not have the Professional mention on the dial, which has an applied metal logo, and the same typeface for the words OMEGA and Speedmaster as in the very first Speedmasters CK 2915s.
  • Red Racing Professional: these models have the Professional indication on the dial, and the logo is painted in white. The typeface is identical to the standard Speedmasters of the same period. Note that the counters are smaller. is an extremely rare Pre-Professional version (less than 10 pieces have been observed so far), produced in 1968 and delivered to Denmark. The absence of a steel bracelet impacts on the Watch Score of 7.8. The Extra Score is + 5 for the extraordinary rare dial.

Our WATCHFID rating is 12.8.

Condition Report

This watch is provided with an exclusive 32-page book: the WATCHFID Condition Report.

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