10 / 10

Key features

  • Full set

  • Special Edition 60th Anniversary

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About this watch

The year 1957 was important for OMEGA since it saw the launch of three Professional models: the Seamaster 300 (CK 2913), the Railmaster (CK 2914) and the Speedmaster (CK 2915).

To celebrate their 60th anniversary, OMEGA reconstructed the DNA of the original references to develop versions nearly identical to their ancestor. The 3 models are sold either in a set numbered to 557 pieces, or individually in 3,557 copies. The Speedmaster has all the visual features of the CK 2915:

  • A symmetrical case;
  • A dial with long hour markers in the vintage color, an applied vintage Ω logo and even the same typeface for the OMEGA and Speedmaster inscriptions;
  • The main hands in steel: Broad Arrow for the hours, straight for the chronograph hands and Alpha for the subdials;
  • A narrower Base 1000 tachymeter bezel in steel with engraved details such as the flat-tipped A of TACHYMETRE;
  • A pre-Moon type caseback with a double bevel with the Seahorse, SPEEDMASTER, Ω and 60th ANNIVERSARY as well as xxxx/3557 and LIMITED EDITION on the bevel;
  • A crown like the Mercedes crowns of the time with a star in the center of the Ω logo;
  • A matching steel bracelet with flat links, the center row brushed and the outside rows polished, recalling the semi-elastic bracelets of the Speedmasters of the 1950s and 1960s.

The watch is delivered with specific accessories: a Limited Edition certificate, a watch roll containing two extra straps (leather and NATO) and a strap changing tool.

This example (sn, series number 0xxx/3557) is in perfect condition, full set, and it comes from its 1st owner.