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Design and technology are the two words that come to mind when discovering this particular Speedmaster: black ceramic, skeletonized dial, laser-ablated reproduction of the lunar surface on the movement, contrast provided by touches of yellow.

The watch is new in box.

About the model

In 2013, OMEGA unveiled a new Speedmaster nicknamed Dark Side of the Moon, because it had a black dial and a black ceramic case. It was a tribute to Apollo 8 mission and its astronauts, who were the first to set eyes on the hidden side (also called far side or dark side) of the Moon. This was the first of a family of six models with a ceramic case, all equipped with the OMEGA caliber 9300.

In 2018, OMEGA launched the seventh model in the family, but with significantly different aesthetic and conceptual characteristics. Conceptually, the automatic caliber 9300 was replaced by the hand-wound caliber 1869, derived from the legendary caliber 1861, but with different finishes: on the caseback side certain bridges have been blackened and laser-ablated to represent the surface of the moon, while on the other side it is visible by skeletonization of the dial, an aesthetic performance quite rare on Speedmasters. Its black ceramic case has a diameter of 44.25mm (42mm for the classic Moonwatch).

Looking at the watch as a whole, the most immediately striking feature is the black and yellow contrasts, giving it both a dark side and a bright, sporty side. These yellow touches also appear indeed in relation with timekeeping and sport: on the bezel (also in ceramic), on the dial (chronograph timers), on the chronograph hands and on the topstitching of the Rally type strap.

The Speedmaster inscription on the dial is also yellow. Meanwhile, the dark side is highlighted by the black ceramic case and particularly on the rear side of the watch with a transparent caseback revealing the partially black movement and a black ceramic back bezel with engraved and non-painted inscriptions: APOLLO 8, DEC 1968, “WE’LL SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE” and DARK SIDE OF THE MOON.