9.7 / 10

Key features

  • Extremely rare reference: the “Holy Grail”

  • Full set

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About this watch

The OMEGA Speedmaster automatic reference ST 376.0822, nicknamed Holy Grail by collectors, is considered one of the rarest Speedmasters and thus has been highly sought after since years. However its early days were hardly promising, the model did not sell well and its production time was very short (1987-1988).

OMEGA used the caliber 1045 movement (derived from the Lemania’s 5100) for several Speedmasters since 1975 (ref. ST 176.012, ST 176.014, ST 176.015, ST 176.016 and ST 345.0806 a bit later).

In September 1986, the first datasheet for a new Speedmaster Day-Date Automatic was produced, with the reference ST 376.0822 (PIC 3341 B new code in 1988). This model, unlike the ST 176.01x series, had a Moonwatch-like case, which means a tachymeter bezel out- side of the dial, improving legibility. This legibility is even accentuated with the extension of the minute scale with a 1/5th seconds scale painted on a ring fixed on the glass.

Only 1’800 Holy Grails have been produced in steel, and 200 in steel and gold.

This example, sn #, was produced in June 1988 and delivered new in Germany. All its parts are period correct and it is provided with its original box and signed documents.

The Watch Score attributed is 9.7 plus an Extra Score of + 0.50 for the full set.

Our WATCHFID Rating is 10.2.

Condition Report

This watch is provided with an exclusive 32-page book: the WATCHFID Condition Report.



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