7.6 / 10

Key features

  • Extremely rare reference

  • Pakistan Air Force

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About this watch

The Omega Railmaster was launched in 1957, as part of the professional trilogy, along with the Seamaster 300 and the Speedmaster. The Speedmaster was intended for pilots, the Seamaster for divers, and the Railmaster was specifically designed for professionals (such as engineers) working in a magnetic environment. To meet this purpose, i.e. to protect its movement against the harmful effects of magnetism, the Railmaster reference CK 2914, then ST 135.004 was built as a protective cage, with a thicker dial and a special case in ferromagnetic nickel-iron alloy.

The present model is a very rare example of ST 135.004-63, produced in 1964, and delivered to the Pakistan Air Force, with the following specific features:

The dial bears the name Seamaster instead of Railmaster. It is an old version with the long S and radium indexes.

The caseback has the engraving SEAMASTER, P.A.F. (the initials of Pakistan Air Force) and the serial number. is one of the very few PAF Seamaster, reference 135.004, that we have observed.

Interestingly, all of them are in the same block, starting with 20.476.9xx. It is in good original condition, with intact engravings and a nice overall patina, especially the hands and the dial. The Watch Score is 7.6.

An Extra Score of + 1.5 is given for its military origin.

Our WATCHFID Rating is 9.1.