8.2 / 10

Key features

  • Extremely rare reference

  • Very good condition

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About this watch

The Chronomaster model wasn’t just a chronograph. It was more like the Super-Chronograph. It in fact had an astonishing number of functions. Such a purpose is accurately reflected in the model’s name: CHRONOMASTER AVIATOR SEA DIVER, which suggests a clientele of professional racing drivers, pilots and divers, as well as the multiple functions evoked in the advertising of the 1960s: THE WORLD’S BUSIEST WATCH – HAS MORE USES THAN EVER COUNTED.

The models fitted with the Valjoux 23 caliber are the third representatives of the Chronomaster dynasty (after the Venus 210 and the Valjoux 92). This development coincided with relatively major changes to the dial and hands. The dials got new typography for the subdials with simplified scales and the numerals the conventional way up. The broad arrow hands changed to the more contrasting white baton hands, while lollipop, followed by  elongated triangular hands indicated the chronograph seconds.

The present model is an exceptionally rare Chronomaster version, with several unusual features: the most visible is the white/blue/orange counter, which is larger than the other one, hence its nickname “Big Eye”. The Yachting scale, in orange, starts after 5 minutes, unlike the other Chronomasters. In addition, there is a number 45 just below the counter, which could refer to each of the halves in football.

Finally, it is the only Chronomaster not to have a tachymeter scale.

This example, reference 85006 /3835, is in good condition, and all its components are period consistent.

The Watch Score is 8.2.

An Extra Score of + 0.5 is given for its overall aesthetic consistency.

Our WATCHFID Rating is 8,7.

Condition Report

This watch is provided with an exclusive 32-page book: the WATCHFID Condition Report.

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