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First introduced in the late 2000s, this Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Réveil model recalled the 1950s introduced Memovox alarm watch, reinterpreting the historical tool watch in a modern luxury template.

This particular reference proceeded what are now the standard issue Memovox alarms in the brand’s catalogue, nonetheless for a short time distinguishing itself via an ultra-clean execution, use of the Réveil) as compared to Memovox on the dial, and solid, emblem adorned case back protecting the caliber 918 automatic movement.

The watch is in excellent condition, and is provided full set with all its original documents (even the receipt from the boutique), manual and box.

Furthermore, the watch is fitted with its original stainless steel bracelet.

About the model

Since the very first Memovox appeared on the scene in 1950, this iconic model has been the source of a long line of Jaeger-LeCoultre mechanical watches equipped with an alarm.

Memovox reminds, notifies, and wakes up. This is how an advertisement from 1950 highlighted the merits of the watch that Jaeger-LeCoultre had just commercialized.

During the years of economic recovery following the Second World War, the Memovox – the Voice of Memory – was designed to help businessmen remember their meetings through its chiming function.

With very sober and classic lines, the first model of 1950 (with the manually wound Caliber 489) set itself apart with an additional crown to control the alarm function. In 1956, Jaeger-LeCoultre enriched its Memovox line by developing the first automatic watch in the collection that incorporated an alarm function (with the Caliber 815). Finally, in 1960, the most iconic Memovox movement was introduced: the Calibre 825, which is a 815 with the addition of a date module. The two defining features of the Caliber 825 are the so-called “bumper” winding system and the hammer-based alarm. The Memovox ref. E 855 was the very first alarm watch equipped with a self-winding movement and the date complication.

Obviously, Jaeger-LeCoultre didn’t stop there, modernizing the caliber and the alarm mechanism, and creating a number of related watches. These include the famous Deep Sea Alarm, Polaris, and Amvox collection. In 2010, after more than two decades of dormancy, Jaeger-LeCoultre brought the Memovox back in the form of the Master Memovox, powered by the Caliber 956.