7.4 / 10

Key features

  • Rare dial version

  • Published in the CHRONOMASTER ONLY book

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About this watch

Croton was the US importer of Nivada watches since the 1930s. The Chronomaster model was first imported with the name association Croton Nivada Grenchen, then with the name Croton only. Pay attention that Croton had its own references and names on the dials and on the movements. It also commercialised Chronomaster model versions that were not available from Nivada. For this reason, despite Chronomaster models originated from Nivada, we can consider Croton as an independent brand.

The Chronomaster was a Super-Chronograph. It in fact had an astonishing number of functions. Such a purpose is accurately reflected in the model’s name: CHRONOMASTER AVIATOR SEA DIVER, which suggests a clientele of professional racing drivers, pilots and divers, as well as the multiple functions evoked in the advertising of the 1960s: THE WORLD’S BUSIEST WATCH – HAS MORE USES THAN EVER COUNTED.

The models fitted with the Landeron 248 caliber are the fourth representatives of the Chronomaster dynasty (after the Venus 210, the Valjoux 92 and the Valjoux 23). The present model was manufactured at the end of the 1960s. It features a stylized Croton logo on a rare white-silver dial, and unpainted (hour and minute) and dark blue (chronograph seconds) baton-type hands. There are several variants, which are distinguished by different colors of dials, and white or unpainted hands. The

This example, reference 106/903006, with serial 73xxx, is in good condition, and all its components are conform. The Watch Score is 7.4 and an Extra Score of + 1 is given for its publication in Chronomaster Only.

Our WATCHFID rating is 8.4.