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Extraordinarily rare version






This model is an extremely rare example of Accutron Diver “666 ft” from 1974, with a specific shape reminding the “pilot cases” of some Omega professional watches of the same period.

It is fitted with the caliber 2182, providing a day-date function, and 2 crowns:

  • the first one at 10 allows to set the internal rotating bezel with its big tritium marker at 12;
  • the second one at 4 allows to set the hour and the date.

The watch also has an original Bulova steel bracelet.

Its polishing is absolutely perfect and the general condition of the watch is excellent and extremely hard to find of the market. It represents a great opportunity for any Bulova collector.

About the model

The Bulova Accutron was the world’s first fully electronic watch. Presented at the World’s Watchmaking Fair in Basel, Switzerland (later called Baselworld) in 1960, the watch incorporated a revolutionary new technology that utilized a 360-Herz tuning fork, powered by a one-transistor electronic oscillator, to drive the timekeeping functions rather than a traditional balance wheel. This technology ensured an oscillation rate of 360 times per second — nearly 150 times faster than that of a mechanical, balance-wheel-driven timepiece — and guaranteed an accuracy to just one minute per month. The Accutron was distinguished by its telltale humming instead of ticking, a sound generated by the vibrating tuning fork.

The first Accutron model, called Spaceview 214 and featuring its famous open dial showing off the high-tech movement, also deviated from traditional wristwatch design with its lack of setting stem and crown on the side of the watch: these elements were instead placed on the back of the case.

The second Accutron caliber generation is the 218.

Bulova has produced many diver watches during the end of 1960s and 1970s, based on this new movement. Some of them featured also the day-date complication, with the 2182 caliber (“2” standing for this specific feature).

Those diver watches were proposed with different variants of shapes and dials.