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OMEGA Constellation
196.0014 Electroquartz “f8192Hz”

€ 2.750

This watch is an amazing example of Constellation Electroquartz f8192Hz, in mint condition, presented with its original documents and box.


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About this watch

This watch is an amazing example of Constellation Electroquartz f8192Hz, in mint condition, presented with its original documents and box.

Watchfid Score

9,6 / 10

About the Model

In the early 1970s, the watch world was about to be blown away by the cheap Japanese quartz watches. 20 Swiss watch companies collaborated together to create the Beta 21 movement. Swiss watch manufacturers were hoping their version of quartz technology would be their silver bullet against the imminent threat that was the Japanese quartz movements developed by Seiko. The Swiss conglomerate was composed of Bulova, IWC, JLC, Longines, Patek Philippe, Rolex and most famously Omega.

As mentioned in the Omega documentation from the early 1970s, this caliber is called “f8192Hz” because it is controlled by a tiny bar of quartz which, when stimulated by an electric current from its mercury power cell, vibrates precisely at 8,192 times per second. The significance of high speed vibration is simply this: the more finely it splits the second, the more accurate the watch becomes. A micro-miniaturised integrated circuit reduces the 8,192 vibrations to the slow pace of the hands of the watch and the practical result is a degree of accuracy unprecedented in modern timekeeping: within 5 seconds a month.

Note that the price of this watch was 1.920 CHF in 1972, 4 times more expensive than a Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch with a price of just 490 CHF…

About the Brand

In 1848, Louis Brandt founded a company in La Chaux-de-Fonds which would become Omega. In the 1880s, the Louis Brandt & Fils company moved to its current site in Bienne and in 1894 the caliber Omega was created, which would give its name to the company. Renowned for its precise, innovative and affordable watches, it became the largest supplier of watches to the British Army during World War II. It also became the first company to time the Olympic Games in 1932. Among its range of numerous professional watches, the Speedmaster became the first watch worn on the moon in 1969.

Services Included

Watchfid Certification Report: Yes

The purpose of this document is to determine whether the constituent parts of the watch are conform to the model reference /period or not, and to value their condition and importance.

Watchfid Digital Certificate: Yes

All the watches are provided with a digital certificate (the Watchfid-ID), that will be uploaded on your protected and anonymous digital wallet.

Watchfid Appraisal Book: No

This document presents each watch in the most objective and detailed manner possible, thanks to a substantiated analysis, high-resolution photos designed to highlight all elements of the watch and an innovative rating system. Available in printed and digital versions.

Extract of Archives: No

On request and when available, an extract of the archives from the manufacturer can be obtained.