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If there’s a single watch to remember from Nivada’s glorious days it has to be the Chronomaster. Born in the early 1960s, at a time when the sports and instrument watches were developing at a rapid pace, it made a name for itself by being more than just a simple chronograph.
Sécurité, transparence, authentification… La blockchain est, ces dernières années, annoncée comme le futur du luxe.
The work is scholarly, and its importance is far reaching in the niche world of watch book writers. The authors faced a huge challenge to classify and codify a watch that has been in continuous production since 1957 with 125 different models.
Watchfid : une plateforme d'expertise pour les montres de collection avec technologie Blockchain
These experts are launching a new platform, WatchFID, which makes it possible to exchange vintage models securely using blockchain technology. They explain their approach, which aims to better structure the collection market and make it more transparent for the end customer.
Digital certificates enter the collecting scene
TOP 8 BEST WATCH BOOKS EVERY WATCH LOVER NEEDS This is one of the most popular books about the Speedmaster and a must-read for every Speedmaster fan. This is a extensive guide to the Omega Speedmaster and everything you need to know about it. It takes you through the history of the Speedmaster from the beginning in 1957, and evolution of it – including the models up until today.
For the Omega Speedmaster fan, the book Moonwatch Only is a tome of all things Speedmaster. The book documents the original Speedmasters from 1957, all the way to the 60th Anniversary Speedmaster released in 2017. The fabled Omega Speedmaster, over its lifetime, has been interpreted into many different iterations and has lived a life many other watches only dream of. In this article, I detail three things that I learned about the Omega Speedmaster from Moonwatch Only, that I could only have learned from this book.
It is a striking illustration of the power of the written word: “Chronomaster Story”, the book by Grégoire Rossier and Anthony Marquié on the history of Nivada, had such an impact that it is now leading to the relaunch of the brand. The authors of the famous “Moonwatch Only” books, on Omega’s Speedmaster, set out to record the destiny of the Chronomaster Aviator Sea Diver in this 300-page book, published in 2018. This professional watch in question was produced by Nivada in partnership with the American firm Croton starting in 1961. The book, published by our partner Watchprint, should be on everyone’s reading list
Buoyed by the interest shown by the collector community, the brand known for classics like the Chronomaster is making a comeback. The company’s most famous model was undoubtedly the Chronomaster Aviator Sea Diver, a manual-winding chronograph introduced in 1961 and produced for the next 10 odd years. Such is the watch’s popularity that writers Anthony Marquié and Grégoire Rossier even produced a book Chronomaster Only, now considered the go-to reference for Chronomaster collectors. Marquié and Rossier are also the duo behind Moonwatch Only, the seminal tome for Omega Speedmaster collectors.
Recently, Grégoire Rossier and Anthony Marquié introduced the third edition of their masterpiece ‘Moonwatch Only’. Where the 2nd edition was subtitled ’60 Years of Omega Speedmaster’, this third edition has a ‘The Ultimate Omega Speedmaster Guide’ subtitle. The question is, is this third edition of the Omega Speedmaster bible worth buying if you already have the 1st or/and 2nd edition? And what’s exactly new to this Ultimate Omega Speedmaster Guide? Let’s have a look.
It was relatively easy to choose my top watch book, but there are some other great reads that deserve a mention. I don’t like books that just sit on the coffee table and collect dust. In my mind, a good watch book is one that I want to pick up and reference all the time. My favorite book about watches, however, is ‘Moonwatch Only.’ It’s not only the ultimate book on the iconic Omega Speedmaster, it’s also the perfect blueprint for a serious watch book.


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