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The purpose of this page is to create a new space dedicated to any new information and/or correction we could be aware of regarding our Moonwatch Only book, and more generally the Speedmaster Moonwatch models.

These new information could be the result of mistakes or inaccuracies written in the book, or to new research that could have been conducted directly by us, or in collaboration with the OMEGA Museum team, or with some other collector.

We want this page to be dynamic, and we will update it and communicate about it every time it will be necessary.

We hope you’ll enjoy it.

# 1 – Dial types on reference ST 145.022-74

We have indicated in the book that the only dial that had been fitted on the reference ST 145.022-74 was the type C2. Medium S – Flat Dial.

However we have observed some rare 145.022-74s fitted with the type C1. Medium S – Step Dial, which seems to be possible for the very early production.

C1. Medium S – Step Dial

C2. Medium S – Flat Dial

# 2 – Caseback types on reference ST 145.022 “CRS”

We have indicated in the book that the caseback type C5. Q Short Tail had been produced from 1983.

We have now observed many models fitted with this caseback from 1981:

  • serial number in, between October 1981 and February 1982;
  • serial number between and, in 1982.

Furthermore, it is likely that the caseback type C4. Q Horizontal Tail, previously indicated as produced up to circa 1983, was in fact produced up to 1981 only. To be confirmed.

C5. Q Short Tail Caseback (1981-1995)

# 3 – Gold bezel on Limited Edition “Italy Special – Black & Gold (1 & 2)”

We have indicated in the book that the bezel of the “Italy Special – Black & Gold” editions (1 & 2) was in 18k yellow gold.

We have checked this information with the Omega Museum, and actually it is in 14K yellow gold, exactly as for the Steel & Gold models from 1983.

Italy Special – Black & Gold (1987-1988), with 14K yellow gold bezel


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