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We have been invited to lead a Speedmaster conference in Lyon on May, 20th 2017.

This event was organized by our friend Stéphane Klentzi, who managed to invite 50 Speedmaster aficionados at the Mama Shelter Hotel in Lyon. We have had the pleasure to spend almost the whole day all together, starting with a nice lunch at the hotel’s restaurant.

The Moonwatch Only conference started at 2.30 pm and ended about 3 hours later, after a lot of questions about modern and vintage Speedmasters. It has been a great pleasure to share this moment with many Speedmaster fans in a very relax and interactive atmosphere.

The conference part of the event was followed by a nice cocktail sponsored by OMEGA, and about 20 people attended the dinner. A few of us shared some drinks at the Mama Shelter bar to conclude the event.

Thank you to Stéphane and all our guests for this fantastic day in Lyon!

On our way to Lyon.

Mama Shelter atmosphere.

Preparing the speech.

Let’s start.

Stéphane (organizer) and Fabrice (Watchprint).

Talking about Speedmasters.

Discussions before the dinner.

BA 145.022-69 Apollo XI 1969.

ST 145.012-67 Ultraman.

ST 145.012.

ST 345.0808 1st Generation.

Chocolate dials.

CK 2998-1 Chocolate Dial.

Speedmaster 40th Anniversary.

Japan Special Racing Dial.

Japan Special Mitsukoshi.

321 caliber.

Alaska Project 2008.

First Omega In Space.

Silver Snoopy.

Dark Side Of The Moon.

ST 145.012-67.


ST 145.012-67.

3590.50 from the 90s.

ST 145.022 from the 80s.

Particular thanks go to Stéphane for the organization, Pascal for the pictures, and Christophe from OMEGA.


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