DODANE Chronograph
“Type 21 Tropical”

€ 5.750

OMEGA Speedmaster Automatic
3518.50 “Racing Michael Schumacher”

€ 5.600

1601 “CPCP Platinum”

€ 26.000

LEMANIA Chronograph
11022 “Servizio Aereo Guardia di Finanza”

€ 5.750

OMEGA Seamaster
166.072 “Memomatic”

€ 2.750

OMEGA Speedmaster
3577.50 “From the Moon to Mars”

€ 9.900

Transparency is what matters most

Reference watch books: The WATCH BOOKS ONLY series provides a comprehensive resource for watch enthusiasts, serving as an unparalleled reference point within the industry.

Digital certificates secured through Blockchain technology: The WATCHFID-IDs offer secure digital certificates powered by Blockchain technology, ensuring the authenticity and traceability of watches.

High-quality appraisal reports: The FOR YOUR WATCH ONLY books deliver top-notch appraisal reports, catering to the needs of watch collectors and connoisseurs.

Sales corner: The WATCHFID Trusted Watches platform offers a dedicated space for the sale and purchase of watches, facilitating trusted transactions within the community.

Tailor-made advisory services: Our tailored advisory services provide personalized guidance and support for watch enthusiasts, ensuring that their unique preferences and needs are met.

The first trusted and innovative ecosystem
dedicated to

watch collectors watch lovers


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WATCHFID is an independent advisory company founded by a group of private investors.

Our mission is to create a genuine ecosystem to serve watch collectors. In a complex and opaque market, our objective is to establish a climate of confidence by promoting quality, transparency and traceability with regard to collectors’ watches. Our concept is underpinned by an array of complementary activities, each one of which naturally contributes to the benefit of the others, thereby creating a virtuous circle:
  • our research activity linked to the production of watch books continuously fuels our knowledge of models and our network of collectors,
  • harnessing these competencies, and in collaboration with expert partners sharing our methods, we prepare comprehensive and rigorous expert reports,
  • aware of the problems and issues associated with the market, we make use of new technologies to ensure all information is both reliable and secure,
  • we offer an online showroom of watches benefiting from this quality process, available to both private and professional sellers,
  • we provide other customised services such as watch searches, advisory services or the production of specific books.