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This is not only the first post of the WATCHFID Club, but also the first step in a new adventure that we wanted to share with you.

As you have certainly seen through reading and exploring the WATCHFID site, we wanted to build something different. WATCHFID is first of all an innovative environment, in which watch collectors can find reassuring instruments and methods to carry out their passion. But it is also a place for discussion, not only for watch enthusiasts, but also for our network of friends united by the same desire to share good times and new ideas.

The members of the WATCHFID Club will benefit from a number of advantages:

  • discounts and privileged procedures on WATCHFID services (digital certificates, expert reports, online watch sales, watch research, …),
  • organization of private events (dinners, gtg, round tables, …),
  • participation in exclusive events in collaboration with the main players of the watch industry (auction houses, manufactures, media, …).

Our role at WATCHFID will be to organize and develop this Club. This will be done gradually, probably also thanks to your ideas, and we will always listen to your suggestions. You will be informed of each new initiative through a new post in this section, which will also be sent to you by email. Exclusive newsletters will also be set up very soon.

We want to make WATCHFID a unique environment:

  • WATCHFID offers high quality watches for sale. But we are not exactly watch dealers;
  • WATCHFID participates in the publication of the best watchmaking books on the market. But we are not only book writers;
  • WATCHFID is gathering a network of the best watch specialists. But we are neither an auction house nor a watch media;
  • WATCHFID is the first company to have implemented digital certificates registered through the blockchain technology for vintage watches. But we are not really a new tech start-up.

Actually we are all of this. And this is the very first initiative of its kind. We are convinced that WATCHFID will contribute to help watch collectors through their passion, and the WATCHFID Club is for the best of them!

Welcome on board.