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Joshua Ganjei was born and raised in the Boston area where Joshua’s father, Albert, started European Watch Company. The company is now one of the largest pre owned and vintage watch dealers in the USA. Joshua’s collection is extremely diverse; from vintage dress watches to sport divers, Joshua’s passion is evident. He loves Speedmasters not only for their timeless design but also for their importance in history.

1. Do you remember your first watch?

For sure I do!!! I actually still have it in my desk. Very rare SWATCH for Michael Johnson, the Olympic Gold Medalist sprinter. I must have been 9 years old.

2. The 3 most iconic watch models?

ROLEX Daytona – ROLEX Submariner – OMEGA Speedmaster.

3. A noteworthy anecdote with one of your watches?

A gentleman offered me a NOS OMEGA Seamaster 300 for a very high price. I passed and he later sold it. I was kicking myself for months for not buying it! A few months pass and a dealer / friend offered me the watch for less. Big smile. Took it without negotiating. I still own the watch 🙂

4. Are you more modern or vintage?

My professional career at European Watch Company started as 100% modern. Over time, after seeing almost all the modern models from all brands in the the past 20 years, I decided to explore more into the past after a gentleman, and now good friend, came into the store with a Blancpain TR-900. My collection now is 100% vintage.

5. I love Speedmasters because …

The design is timeless, everything about it is perfect: the proportions, the size, the weight, the legibility, the wearability. A true icon and one of the most important watches ever made.

6. Your favorite Speedmaster?

For sure the 2998, with or without the lollipop… 🙂
It is my favorite reference to collect.

7. A single personal item you would take with you for a long stay on the Moon?

The Moonwatch Only Book – preferably the signed copy!!!

8. You just won the lottery. Do you first buy a sports car or call a financial advisor?

Neither, but I would begin to re think my watch collection immediately.

9. Where would you spend the next 24 hours if you had a teleporter?

Honestly, I’ve been thinking about my honeymoon in the Maldives. I would go back, right now!

10. How many times a day do you watch … your watch?

I’m sick, but not that sick, just a few times… 🙂

11. The last watch you bought?

We buy a lot of modern and vintage here at the shop. But for myself, I recently bought a ROLEX 6536/1, my first 50s sub!

12. What’s on your wrist today?

One of my favorite watches ever and a model I only dreamed of finding. The iconic LONGINES 13zn-12 central minutes chronograph. Obsessed!

Thank you Joshua.

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