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Student and Watch Lover

Andrea Casalegno is a nineteen years old engineering student from Milan with a huge passion for vintage watches. During high school his will to communicate and share the love for horology conduced him to start organizing events with watch collectors, such as the first Moonwatch Only Dinner in Milan, and this state of mind led him to establish the first RedBar chapter in Italy: the RedBar Milano.

His dream is to work in the horological world with a special eye on unique vintage timepieces and independent watchmaking.

1. Do you remember your first watch?

My first watch was a vintage OMEGA De Ville with floreal damascus dial, it was the first watch I got serviced and the very first timepiece I used to wear everyday.

2. The 3 most iconic watch models?

OMEGA Speedmaster Moonwatch, ROLEX DayDate, PATEK PHILIPPE Perpetual Calendar 2499.

3. A noteworthy anecdote with one of your watches?

My best Speedmaster, the From The Moon To Mars edition, comes from a small shop in Sardinia… I was hanging around with my family when i saw it, it was among many worthless watches and was totally a casual find even though, today, it’s my best Speedmaster!

4. Are you more modern or vintage?

I’m surely a vintage guy, I don’t like modern sizes and style, but I am a big fan of independent watchmaking and OMEGA Speedmasters!

5. I love Speedmasters because …

I can stare at them for hours and I never get tired of their beauty and small details.

6. Your favorite Speedmaster?

It’s actually my 3577.50.00, the From The Moon To Mars, I love the way it is completely different from the others in term of style. It is a very low-key looking timepiece with a twist of color that makes it unique. I love how you can notice a new detail every time you look at it…

7. A single personal item you would take with you for a long stay on the Moon?

Surely my Speedy 3570.50.00, just to see how it works in the place where it belongs!

8. You just won the lottery. Do you first buy a sports car or call a financial advisor?

I’d call a financial advisor from my new sports car!

9. Where would you spend the next 24 hours if you had a teleporter?

New York or Thailand, I have never been there because of the distance…

10. How many times a day do you watch … your watch?

Maybe twenty times a day, but just a handful for knowing the time.

11. The last watch you bought?

An OMEGA Tonneau from the twenties, coming back from my watchmaker in few days!

12. What’s on your wrist today?

My anonymous Officer’s Watch from the twenties, one of the watches i love the most because of his history and the process of restoration he went through!

Thank you Andrea, and good luck for the 1st RedBar Milano Meeting today.

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